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My Grandmother's Dragon


     Take one small Texas town, add one grandmother, three neighborhood children, one teenage granddaughter, a freshly baked batch of cookies and one large dragon.

     Stir lightly and let the adventure begin.

"An engaging story about a dragon, a grandma, new friends, and cookies. A great way to improve student vocabulary and reading skills in the classroom."

S.C., Teacher and Tech Guru

     D.D. McDee has captured the heart of the windy Texas plains that birthed the wit and wisdom of this wonderful new book for young readers (and young-at-heart readers as well).

"I loved this story. I think I simply devoured it. It's for all ages really. More! More! More!"

N.E., Retired Teacher

     Learn interesting new words. Explore rural Texas attitudes -- and may you never look at a large sculpture the same again. 

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My Grandmother's Dragon

Help me name my new book!

Holding a Book

? ? ?

I just finished my second book and sent the manuscript to my publisher. Hooray! This one took a bit more work than the first, as it is about 6 times as long.


The cover art is being created and at this point I need a little help from my friends.

I have to admit that I am stumped. I don't know what to name my book. So, I have decided to enlist the aid of dragon lovers everywhere. 

I have posted below a link to the first chapter of my book and have included at the end of the sample a brief synopsis of the rest of the book. I would love suggestions for the title. Keep in mind that this is the rough draft and will be edited within an inch of it's life before it is ready to publish, so cut me a bit of slack please.


If I choose your title, I will give you signed copies of both my books and any future books I write. I have quite a few bumping around in my head just demanding to be let out. 


You can send your suggestions to my email which is: I look forward to hearing from you.

And since you're here anyway, check out my first book. You can see it below. You're welcome to read a sample of that one as well. 


For any media inquiries, please contact Publisher Patricia Ross:

Tel: 303-204-3439 | Fax: 866-801-1456 | 

To contact DD McDee directly you may email her at

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