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Recent Events

Spearman Texas Library Event

I recently went to Spearman Texas and did a reading at the local library. What a hoot! 

It was great seeing Spearman again. The cobblestone streets, my Grandmother's old house, my cousin's farm; all were delightful.



Library 1.jpg

The library event itself was great. The kids enjoyed themselves as did the adults who came. The mayor even came over to get his copy of the book signed. I had a great time! 

LIbrary 3.jpg

Texhoma School Event

While in the area, I also did an event for the Elementary students in Texhoma, Tx. We had the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade classes.

Texhoma is a town that straddles two states. There is a Texhoma Texas and a Texhoma Oklahoma. This means that in this small town of approximately 1,200 people there are two different school systems. So, the Oklahoma elementary school got a bus and brought their students the 6 blocks or so to attend the event in the Texas elementary school.

The kids and I had a wonderful time. I defined for them some very interesting words like logorrhea (excessive talking or diarrhea of the mouth) and anatidaephobia, the fear that a duck is looking at you. The kids got a real kick out of that one.

I felt the entire event was worth it when one of the students asked me for tips on how to be a writer! If I can inspire even a few children to read more, write more or learn new words, I feel my event was a success.


Check out this podcast!

I was recently honored to be invited to talk about my book on the Book-Pod podcast. You can hear the podcast here.




Be sure to visit the Book-Pod website to see some truly wonderful new books!


Watch for upcoming events and booksignings here!

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