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I come from a long line of very interesting women who embraced life and used their imaginations to inspire their children and grandchildren. From my great grandmother, who was an amazing poet, all the way down to my mother who wrote letters that were in essence sagas, I spent my life surrounded by literary creativity. 

I've had stories rattling around in my head for years, and finally decided to start putting them on paper. My Grandmother's Dragon is the first, but there are many more just waiting to escape the confines of my own imagination. 

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My Philosophy

     There are so many teachers in my family, and they were very good ones. They instilled in me at a very early age a love of reading, a love of learning and a lifelong romance with words. I was amazed as a child to find out that there was actually a word for anything I could imagine. 

     Part of my enjoyment of words was probably due to the fact that my parents never talked down to their children. They used their regular vocabulary, which was considerable, as both of them were voracious readers. This forced me to learn new words constantly. I have to say that this shaped many of my ideas, as new words contain new concepts and some of them are very entertaining.


     I would love to pass this down to a newer generation so that we can keep our language alive. So, I have written my books using my regular vocabulary, even though they are written for younger readers. Not to say that more mature readers won't enjoy my books! Every book I write has a glossary so that the reader doesn't have to go chasing around for a dictionary. 

     I would most definitely enjoy knowing that my books are expanding the vocabularies of younger people in a fun way. My books are most definitely NOT serious and are designed to bring smiles and outright laughs to one and all. 




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